Diocesan Office of Communications: Progress Ministry Spotlight

June 02, 2020

Fernie Ceniceros and Norma Muñoz are the duo who bring you the latest and most current news from Bishop Mark Seitz and the Diocese of El Paso. Together they cover everything from daily prayer, The Bridge radio, events around our diocesan communities, Facebook live streaming, and media relations between the Diocese and local and national media and press.

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Join the Foundation on YouTube

May 18, 2020

We want to broadcast live with YouTube and need your help to get there. Read more to subscribe and please spread the word.

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Love Thy Neighbor: Offering Support Every Step of the Way

May 13, 2020

The pandemic has been devastating for so many, making it more important than ever to reach out with a helping hand. Like many of you, we’ve been committed to giving back. We can also work together to continue supporting relief efforts. Here are some great resources for those in need and those wanting to help.

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Happy Mother's Day!

May 10, 2020

We wish all of the mothers a blessed day and a quarantine holiday to remember, and invite everyone to pray the Rosary during the month of May.

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Franciscan Friar Alfredo an Inspiration to the Community of St. Francis of Assisi

April 30, 2020

Friar José Alfredo Ramírez Devora, Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, a Hispanic community on the west side of El Paso is moving a large community to be closer to God.

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Seminarians: Social Media Disciples During COVID-19

April 29, 2020

See what our seminarians are doing to continue bringing the Good News to the faithful in the Diocese of El Paso during the pandemic

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We All See God Differently

April 28, 2020

We invited the entire community to show us their inner Picasso and draw God during Lent and this pandemic. The project was inspired by Karen Kiefer and her children's book, Drawing God. Read more to see the art gallery.

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Shine a Light on the People Who Serve

April 21, 2020

During National Volunteer Week, April 19-25, 2020, the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso celebrates the extraordinary men and women who make meaningful contributions to ensure the Foundation continues to have an impact on all 10 counties in the Diocese of El Paso.

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The Virtual Parish

April 15, 2020

As churches began to close in the Diocese of El Paso, pastors launched virtual liturgies and online giving, discovering new ways of reaching their parishioners. As restrictions continue, so will the need for the virtual parish.

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Progress Ministry Spotlight: Marriage and Family Life

April 14, 2020

During these difficult times, we remember that something good always comes from a bad situation. We hope you continue to create beautiful family moments and we pray your bonds will be strengthened. Here are some spiritual, practical and relational ways to keep walking together:

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