Progress Ministry Spotlight: Your Generosity

November 02, 2020

Progress, the Catholic Ministry Appeal, is a yearly diocesan fundraising campaign to support the day-to-day operations of ministries and services within our diocese. Ministries thrive because of your giving. While the pandemic can cause fear and concern, it has also brought about a great feeling of connection and hope while challenging us to reinvent ourselves and find new ways to glorify God.

Because of you, the TEPEYAC INSTITUTE continues to teach and inspire. Classes are available virtually at the Tepeyac website. Call them at 915- 872-8420 to ask for the Fall On-Line Training Program schedule. All classes are offered in English and Spanish.

Because of you, CATHOLIC COUNSELING SERVICES continues to accept families, individuals, young adults and children for counseling by phone, video, messaging and in some cases, in person with the proper precautions. Call 915-872-8424 for more information and to make your appointment for counseling. Catholic Counseling Services provides services to the poor and troubled of the Diocese of El Paso regardless of religion, sex, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Because of you, SEMINARIANS continue formation at universities across the country, or are completing their annual pastoral service at a local church. Their unwavering commitment is as strong as ever. Thank you for investing in the future leadership of the Diocese of El Paso.

Because of you, the COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE continues evangelizing to the people of God in the Diocese of El Paso through digital and traditional media. The Communications Office prints the Rio Grande Catholic, produces the online 24/7 broadcast of the Bridge Catholic Radio, delivers diocesan digital social media, website, and handles media relations between the Diocese and the local and national media and press.

Because of you, DIOCESAN MIGRANT AND REFUGEE SERVICES (DMRS) continues to offer full-service immigration legal aid to low-income immigrants, refugees, out of the country priests, seminarians, and religious workers. The DMRS team continues working remotely, connecting by phone, video and messaging. Call 915-532-3975 for more information.

Thank you for your steadfast support of Progress, the Catholic Ministry Appeal, and the 15 diocesan ministries. For more information, call the Foundation at 915-872-8412.

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