The Tepeyac Institute: A Tradition of Evangelization

October 11, 2019

The Tepeyac Institute is a Roman Catholic Formation Center for Ministries in the Diocese of El Paso. The Institute offers a variety of formation and certification programs for ministries at all levels of church life. The Institute was founded by Reverend Monsignor Arturo Bañuelas in 1988. Since then over 20,000 people have participated in formation programs and retreats. Tepeyac is funded by the Progress Annual Appeal, the Tepeyac Endowment Fund, and through course fees. 

Tepeyac takes it name from the events that occurred in central Mexico when our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to San Juan Diego and asked him to build a church that would foster the City of God in the Americas. It was at Tepeyac that a new evangelization began in the Americas. Tepeyac says, "Our Institute embraces this evangelization tradition."

Tepeyac provides training courses for various ministries: liturgical, communion, lectors, sacristans, and hospitality. Other ministries include the teaching of the doctrine, such as catechists for baptism programs, liturgy of the world for children catechists, catechists for quinceañeras, and training for people in pre-marriage preparation. There is also preparation for social justice ministries, including prison ministry, St. Vincent de Paul, and bereavement.

The courses provide a minimum of 8 hours of training, depending on the ministry, and they are offered in English and Spanish. Participants completing the requirements are installed by the Bishop or his designee to serve in their ministry for a 3-year period. Bishop Seitz installed over 1,200 ministers in April and November of 2018. Over 25 new ministers from four diocesan parishes were installed on August 9, 2019. Over 900 people are still participating in classes to prepare to become church ministers. Aside from ministry certification, the Institute offers theology certifications, Christian formation, music ministry programs, bible certification, renewal certification, the well-known Summer Institute, and 67 other different programs.

Progress, the 2019 Catholic Ministry Appeal, managed by the Foundation, is proud to sponsor Tepeyac. The Institute's formation programs, workshops, and retreats are valuable components for our faith community to continue the mission of God on earth. To be a part of it, give to Progress. For more information about the Tepeyac Institute, please call (915) 872-8420. 

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