We All See God Differently

April 28, 2020

We invited the entire community to show us their inner Picasso and draw God during Lent. The project was inspired by Karen Kiefer's children's book, Drawing God.  The main message of the story is that we all see God differently.  The author tells kids, "That's such a beautiful thing."

A Drawing God invitation was extended to El Paso Catholic school students and shared on Foundation social media with an open invitation for all to participate.  Stewardship Coordinator Karina Sandoval was motivated by Drawing God author Karen Kiefer, also the director of The Church in the 21 Century at Boston College, and decided this project would be fitting for the Lenten Season.  When the pandemic hit, it seemed even more important that children had an outlet to think about, talk about, and draw about their faith and God in ways that are most meaningful.  The book helps children freely express what God means to them and Sandoval wanted kids to feel empowered to do just that.

Kiefer says that the main character's passion for drawing God despite the fact that her classmates initially make fun of her reminds her of how we might be feeling today during these uncertain times.  She says, "God is right here.  God is with us. God loves us and is protecting and comforting us."  All of the colorful drawings have been sent to Ms. Kiefer for display at the Drawing God Virtual Museum.  Every participant gets a signed copy of Drawing God and a promotional kit. 

The Foundation is open to receiving more drawings of God during the Stay Home, Work Safe order.  For more information, please contact Karina Sandoval, Stewardship Coordinator at  Enjoy your visit to the gallery!

Drawing God by Alejandra Gamez Drawing God by Olivia Caro Drawing God by Sofia Sanchez Drawing God by Kaylee Castillo Drawing God by Marco Licón Drawing God by Claire Godfrey Drawing God by Aiden Marin Drawing God by Gerardo Nieto Drawing God by Olive Campos Drawing God by Ashley Ojeda Drawing God by Emma Paredes Drawing God by Joshua Gallegos Drawing God by Alyssa Salazar Drawing God by Miranda Godfrey Drawing God by Sofía Larkin Drawing God by Ivette Lopez

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