You Are Making Progress

May 14, 2019

The Office of Religious Formation, a ministry fueled by faith and supported by Progress, will conduct youth camps at Centro San Juan Diego in Sunset Heights this summer and host a 3-day overnight camp focused on the themes of community, prayer, and service. For more information, please call 915.262.4700. 

We're so proud of the great work happening all over the Diocese of El Paso. You are a big part of it. Progress has reached $1,248,911 in pledges with the number growing daily and getting us closer to the 2019 Catholic Ministry Appeal goal of $2.1 million. We continue to be inspired by the unwavering faith, generosity, and commitment of our communities. Progress supports 15 ministries and reaches 600,000 Catholics across 10 counties. We ask that you continue to support ministries by giving to Progress. Together in Faith we are stronger. 

Money raised through Progress represents 40% of all operating funds supporting the pastoral, spiritual, educational and human service programs that benefit thousands of individuals throughout the 10 counties of the Diocese of El Paso. The diocese also advances the work of every parish with direct financial assistance such as grants and support services.

Without the Catholic Ministry Appeal, this vital work of the Church would not be possible. Make your contribution today!

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