Let's Reflect this Season

November 14, 2019

There is something about the holiday season that inspires us to help others.  Oftentimes, we support organizations that we can relate to and invoke our interests.  I am guilty of supporting organizations that care for pets!  But, I also realize that there is a greater love that lives within me.  If you would, take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath and realize how God is in your lungs and in your heartbeat; and if God has decided to live inside us, how we can we not support His mission in our world today?

We are made in His image and consequently our hearts tend to give.  God, the source of our generosity, asks us this holiday season to take a look at our parishes in El Paso.  What are the needs of your parish today?  What is it that your parish needs to improve and ultimately needs your assistance to accomplish these goals?  Do I need to increase my Sunday collection this month? 

Stewardship is not only about prayer and ministry, it’s about our treasures too!  Let us ask God how He would like to us to assist our parishes' needs today.  The Foundation for the Diocese offers assistance to parishioners who are interested in helping the needs of their parishes and to become stewards of God’s gifts.  Please contact Karina Sandoval on how you can start to support the needs of your parish today. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Karina Sandoval can be reached at or 915-872-8412.

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