Our Lady of the Valley Students Receive Generous Gifts for Scholarships at Foundation of Faith Dinner

October 06, 2016

Donors who attended the 10th Annual Foundation of Faith Dinner amazed us all by contributing close to $30,000 during a live auction led by Victoria Pineda, including $4,100 which is going directly to a “needs” item: scholarships for Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School.

100% of the proceeds from the needs packages benefit the designated school, need, parish, charity, or fund. Different needs are highlighted each year at the Foundation of Faith Dinner.

Following the dinner, Principal Cynthia Vargas said, "I realize more and more how many people love to assist students attending Our Lady of the Valley and all of our Catholic schools. This drives me."

The students created homemade thank you cards which will be sent out to our donors. 

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